Satellite with Pegasus-DPR

Interim Reporting Meeting

The Consortium presented the Project status to the European Commission (EC) during Interim Reporting Meeting held on 30th of August 2016 in IberEspacio, Madrid (Spain). The EC decided to continue the Project with modifications, including updated schedule and major NCs reported, set up recommendations and assigned corresponding action items. Some major recommendations were to align[…]

Pegasus DPR analysis

Pegasus DPR EQSR and Design Review

The Equipment Qualification Status Review (EQSR) and Design Review Meetings for PEGASUS Deployable Radiator (DPR) were held on 15th and 16th of December 2015 in IberEspacio, Madrid (Spain). Technical topics were discussed and agreed. Partners to continue with the detailed design of PEGASUS DPR, which is to be concluded in the Design Review Close-Out Meeting.

Pegasus DPR H2020 Project logo

Pegasus is born

The consortium agreement for Pegasus has been signed by all members the 18th November 2014. The Pegasus consortium is composed of IberEspacio, Thales Alenia France, Thales Alenia Italy, Sener, Active Space Technologies and Tecnalia.